Ten Different Types of Fabrics To Choose For Everyday Wear

Ten Different Types of Fabrics To Choose For Everyday Wear

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The choice of the fabric of your clothing becomes very important when you have to decide what to wear every day, especially for men. However, it is not only the matter that defines how comfortable or how perfect your clothes will be and how long they will last. The availability of so many fabrics can be a dilemma when making the best choice for your everyday clothes like shirts. Becoming familiar with the features of various materials helps you when you're making choices for your wardrobe so that your clothes don't just look good but feel fantastic as well.

We at Foomer, a brand associated with class, design, and class, capture a wide range of formal shirts like a premium white printed formal shirt and other colour and fabric options, from party-wear premium shirts to casual wear shirts for daily wear. This blog will explore the world of fabrics. We will discuss ten types of fabric that you can wear to complete your daily looks. Whether you are going to work, running errands, or just killing time, choosing the proper shirts and fabrics for each type of activity will help to balance your style and comfort with Foomer’s whole collection of men's shirts.

Dive into Ten Essential Shirt Fabrics for Everyday Wear

  • White Club Wear Printed Satin Cotton Shirt

  • When you are looking for something that strikes the perfect balance between casual elegance and comfort, a premium white printed formal shirt should be your go-to. This type of shirt combines the glossy, smooth texture of satin with the breathable, lightweight nature of cotton, giving you a garment that feels luxurious against the skin while still being practical for everyday wear. The printed designs add a touch of personality and style, making each piece of shirt unique.

  • Grey Luxury Formal Satin Cotton Shirt

  • Most of the time, a white fabric printed satin-cotton shirt is the outfit you should go for when looking for something that matches casual elegance and comfort. This shirt is an illusion of satin, which means it has the silky and smooth texture of satin, but it is made from breathable and lightweight cotton. It is practical for everyday wear yet has a luxurious feel. Printed patterns give a slight personal touch and style, making each piece stand out. These types of formal shirts for men are perfect for business meetings or upscale social events, and they ensure you’ll look polished and feel comfortable throughout the day.

  • Orange Giza Cotton Print Premium Shirt

  • Stepping out in style yet chic, the Orange Giza Cotton Print Premium Shirt is no doubt the perfect option. These premium Giza cotton shirts are crafted from one of the highest grades of cotton, known as Giza cotton, which is a blend of luxury and practicality. Its gorgeous orange shade is not only visible but also matches different types of pants and shorts. This shirt features an interesting print that you can dress up or down, perfect for a casual day out or a professional or formal occasion.

  • Olive Green Luxury Formal Satin Cotton Shirt

  • A combination of olive green luxury formal satin cotton shirts knows how to make both worlds work together, becoming a timeless piece of fashion that keeps class without sacrificing comfort. Made with exquisite satin cotton, the shirt has some glisten under the beam, and that gives your outfit a classy touch. Satin cotton has a silky smooth finish, and therefore, it feels great when worn. In addition, it is breathable, which means that it can be comfortably worn all day long. These luxury formal shirts are marvelous choices that one can wear to business meetings and formal gatherings.

  • Embroidered Cyan Golden Premium Cotton Shirt

  • Everybody has that one piece of clothing that can be both modest and striking at a glance, and that’s this exquisite embroidered cyan golden premium cotton shirt by Deer Brand shirt. This shirt is a traditional style made in cotton with a fashionable embroidery motif and can be worn day in and day out as a casual item. Cotton is the fabric you think of when you want something breathable, soft, and nice to your skin, and that is why it's ideal for not only long days at work but also for leisurely weekends. The cyan base is the colourful backdrop that perfectly accommodates the golden embroidery that gracefully intertwines to create a more elegant and detailed look, adding sophistication that’s hard to ignore.

  • Purple Premium Giza Satin Cotton Shirt

  • It is when you need to shine without being too outspoken that the Purple Subtle Sheen Tuxedo Premium Giza Satin Cotton Shirt will serve you best. Giza cotton is renowned for its long fibres, which not only make the fabric softer but also stronger and longer-lasting compared to ordinary cotton. The Vertical Stain weave enriches the fabric with this shine and smoothness, making the shirt a piece of daily luxe.  The purple satin shirt mens have a dark and rich vibe, which is nothing close to common shirt colours, which is probably why purple is so different and royal.

  • Green Stripe Printed Cotton Shirt

  • The Green Striped Printed Cotton Shirt is an example of cotton, the comfort of which blends with a fashionable design that will attract everyone’s attention. With cotton having the capacity to absorb moisture, this simple yet effective printed green shirt is perfect for days with warm weather because you're able to stay cool and dry always. Irrespective of where you are headed, whether you want to turn for a formal office or a casual lunch, this shirt complements both formal trousers and jeans and is a versatile option for your wardrobe.

  • Starry Beaded Black Premium Satin Cotton Shirt

  • Satin cotton delivers a true luxury feel to traditional cotton, having the softness of satin as well. Both are pleasant to the touch, giving you that breezy feeling you might have been longing for. The Starry Beaded Black Premium Satin Cotton Shirt creates an element of refinement for everyday use. This fabric shines due to its smooth surface, which makes an elegant yet gentle playing of light that results in an ever-silvering effect. This black shirt for men is a good choice for evening outings or events to rock your outfit and look fabulous without sacrificing comfort. An intricate pattern of stargazing beading takes the shirt to another level, making it a classic design.

  • Multicolor Imported Premium Cotton Shirt

  • When it comes to comfort and style,  this is everyone’s favourite: a multicoloured imported soft premium cotton shirt. Cotton, a natural fibre, has a characteristic breathability trait, making it a perfect choice for daily outfits. More than anything, cotton lets your skin breathe and cool you down when the weather gets hot, thus allowing you to sail through your everyday activities with utmost comfort. In general, these premium shirts for men have a texture that can be described as soft and gentle, making them a popular choice in both formal and informal settings.

  • Metalic White Striped Cotton Shirt

  • The white metallic striped cotton shirt could be a good shirt to wear every day. It gives a fresh dimension to a classic white shirt by introducing delicate stripes of metallic colour, allowing it to look chic and classy at any time. Just like other premium cotton shirts, the features of cotton, such as breathability, are achieved in this shirt too. But then, this striped cotton shirt is designed in a way that gives an option to those who love to accessorise with things that make them look extra sparkly without going over the edge.


    This guide can make deciding on the perfect fabric for your everyday attire easy. By considering your daily activities, climate, and personal style, you can easily select a fabric that not only looks great but also feels comfortable all day long. The Foomer's collection of shirts for men offers a diverse range of fabrics that cater to various needs, ensuring that you find the ideal match for your wardrobe.

    Remember, the right fabric can significantly enhance your comfort and confidence. Take your time to explore and choose wisely, ensuring that your everyday wear is not only stylish but also perfectly suited to your life's demands. The Foomer's collection has got you covered!

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